A society called (SASLT)the Saudi Society for Liver Diseases and Transplantation incorporated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia upon the approval of the Council of Trustees of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties No. 29/1/7 dated 10/02/1429 H, based in Riyadh and may to establish branches in other regions of the Kingdom if required.

The first term of the SASLT Executive Board as elected by the first General Assembly meeting held on 30th of August 2008 and attended by SCHS vice secretary general & other members, is comprised of:

1. President:         Ahmed Al Omair (clinical hepatologist : KFMC-Riyadh)
2. Vice President: Hamad Al Ashgar (clinical hepatologist: KFSH-Riyadh)
3. Secretary General: M. Al Saghier (Liver Transplant Surgeon: KFSH-Dammam)

Other members:
4. Ayman Abdo (Transplant Hepatologist: KKUH-Riyadh)
5. Ibrahim Al Traif (Transplant Hepatologist: KFNGH-Riyadh)
6. Faisal Sanai (Clinical Hepatologist: RKH-Riyadh)
7. M. Babtain (Clinical Hepatologist: KAUH-Jeddah)
8. M. Edreesi (Pediatric Hepatologist: Aramco-Dammam)
9. Khalid Abdulla (Liver Transplant Surgeon: KFNGH-Riyadh)


Internal Regulations of SASLT EB:

1. The Board will meet regularly every 2 months, corresponding with first Thursday of Jan, March, May, July, Sept and Nov.
2. The quorum for the E. Board is more than four members, for it to be legal and the decisions to be valid.
3. The decisions are taken by unanimous agreement or by the majority vote.
4. Head of every committee or interest group should present a progress report of his committee or group at beginning of every meeting.

Important Decisions of Last year EB 6 meetings:

1. 15 Sept 08: - discussing the first GA meeting & election results, and welcoming SCHS approval of the meeting & election process
- discussing the logo design proposals
- approving the English name and it's abbreviation as SASLT in harmony with international trends

2. 09 Oct 08: - approval of the logo
- approval of the website content
- unanimous approval of collaboration with SGA on all aspects and authorizing the president to communicate with SGA

3. 01 Jan 09: - discussing a 3 year plan proposal, and agreeing instead to call for a strategic plan meeting with one of the experts
- approving the proposed interest groups & administrative committees and wait for the website to have them activated
- discussing liver diseases national database development and the best approach for implementation
- approving annual scientific meeting and bi-annual regional scientific meetings principle, and agreeing on the dates

4. 04 Mar 09: - discussing collaboration plans with health authorities and approving a request for a meeting with the minister of health
- discussing collaboration with pharmaceutical companies and means to improve this relation
- approving the progress report of the website design

5. 06 May 09: - discussing the president and treasurer visit to deputy minister Dr. Mansour Al Hawasi and the great potentials ahead
- agreeing on conducting the strategic plan for SASLT with Dr. Steph Waltson around end of June
- stressing the need for manpower employments to carry the business of SASLT

6. 25 June 09: - dedicated for the Strategic Plan meeting attended combined by all EB members, with SGA president