Membership - Conditions - Procedures

Membership consists of three types


Active Membership:

Required therefor: A - The applicant must have a degree or equivalent in the area of ​​specialization of the Association

A - Pay annual contributions.

C – The conditions of Board of Directors.

D- accept the decision of the Board of Directors;


Honorary membership:

Granted under a resolution of the General Assembly to those who contributed to the development of the areas of interest of the Society or gave its financial services. The Honorary member is expedient from the payment condition: he may attend the meetings of the General Assembly and its various committees and participate in the discussions.


Enrollment Membership:

Given to:

a. University students in the field of specialization of the Association

B. Workers and concerned in the Society's field with the required qualification. The enrolled member shall be released from 50% of the annual subscription. The member may attend the meetings of General Assembly and different committees as well as discussions without the right to vote.


Membership Conditions and Procedures:

A member of the Society shall:

  • The applicant for membership of the working or affiliate membership must apply to join the association.

  • To be of good conduct. Not reputed to have been convicted of a crime against honor or customs.

  • The applicant should recommend two active members of the association.

  • Applications for active and affiliated membership shall be submitted to the Board of Directors of the Association

  • The decision of the Board of Directors shall be sent to the applicant.

  •  To pay the annual fees and registration fees decided by the association


Termination of Membership:

Membership of the Society shall terminate in the following cases:

A) Withdrawal of the member;

B) The member loses one of the conditions of membership.

C) The member is late in paying the annual subscription on his due date for one full year.

After notifying the member of the payment of the subscription and the impact of the failure to pay. The notification shall be within the last three months of indicated year

D) Carrying out any work or activity that causes material or moral harm to the Association.

In such case, it shall conduct an investigation by the Board of Directors in which the member's responsibility is established.

E. Not attending the member for three consecutive years.

In all cases referred to in this Article, membership shall not be terminated unless a decision is issued by the Board of Directors: The member shall be notified

The decision to terminate or cancel membership within two weeks of its issuance. In all cases, the previous registration fees, contributions, donations, donations, etc. shall not be refunded.


A decision of the Board of Directors may return the membership to the member who lost it at his request if the reasons for the termination of membership are removed.