Welcome to SASLT

Dear Colleagues:

Assalamu alaikum wa Rahmatu-Allah wa Baraktuh.

Warm welcome to all of you at the official website of the Saudi Association for the Study of Liver Diseases and Transplantation.

Liver Diseases are prevalent in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia just like any other country in the region. Chronic Viral Hepatitis with its usual complications frequently takes the focus of interest, however, other diseases including NAFLD, Autoimmune Hepatitis, and Cholestatic & Hereditary & Congenital liver diseases are equally encountered.

Scientific knowledge and clinical research about liver diseases in the Kingdom dates back to the eighties and have several historical landmarks; including earlier hospital based prevalence studies of HBV & HCV, retrospective data on viral hepatitis screening programs for blood donors, and the community based studies on HBV that initiated the nationwide HBV vaccine strategy for all neonates since early 90's. Furthermore, the national cancer registry operating from 1994 have shown that HCC (mostly secondary to HBV & HCV) keeps ranking the first or second male cancer among Saudis for the last 2 decades.

Liver Experts within KSA used to share their knowledge and present their clinical research data locally through various activities of the Saudi Gastroenterology Association that existed since 1988. With the continuous expansion of the field it was obvious that an independent association for the liver diseases is warranted. Though this idea was flourishing in the mind of many for some time, it was not until recently that it became a reality. Several meetings and stringent discussions between many involved doctors have worked to bring this option to a reality and consulted several others to consider all relevant ideas. Finally, these efforts have reached to the stage of declaring the Saudi Association for the Study of Liver Diseases & Transplantation under the umbrella of the Saudi Council of Health Specialties, after fulfilling all required regulations.

On 30th of August 2008, all dreams came true and the first Executive Board was elected by the first General Assembly meeting to carry out the huge responsibility of establishing the necessary grounds to promote this newly starting liver association.

The first one year of SASLT history was obviously busy with many logistic issues that culminated with launching this official website as the most effective way of coming close to all practicing doctors in the field, whether having an active membership currently or planning to. The Executive Board members do believe in collaborative team work atmosphere with all stakeholders of SASLT, and in particular look for serious partnership with national & international related associations in order to achieve the common goals.

Potentials are great and ambitions are greater, nevertheless, none would come true without the active and continuous contribution from all colleagues in Saudi Arabia or in other Gulf & Arab countries.

Hence, this welcoming remark is directed to all of you as an open invitation to share with us the responsibilities and to communicate with us your valuable suggestions & opinions, and to participate actively in the different activities of SASLT as illustrated in this website.

SASLT Executive Board Members