SASLT Bylaws

Regulation of Saudi Society for Liver Diseases and Transplantation

The words stated in the Regulation have the meaning as listed below


Society : Saudi Society for Liver Diseases and Transplantation

Authority : Saudi Commission for Health Specialties

Societies Specialization : The main specialization

General Assembly : All active Members in the society

Executive Presidency : The official entity for societies


1. Name and location of the society:

A society called the Saudi Society for Liver Diseases and Transplantation incorporated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia upon the approval of the Council of Trustees of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties No. 29/1/7 dated 10/02/1429 H, based in Riyadh and may to establish branches in other regions of the Kingdom if required.


2. Objectives of the Society:

The Saudi Society for Liver Diseases and Transplantation (hereinafter referred to as the "Society") aims to achieve the following:

  • Development of scientific thought in the field of diseases and liver transplantation.

  • Providing an opportunity for workers in the fields of interest of the Society to contribute to the movement of progress and scientific research in this area

  • Facilitate and encourage the exchange of scientific production and scientific ideas in the field of the interests of the Society between bodies and institutions concerned within the Kingdom and abroad.

  • Providing advice and conducting the necessary studies to raise the level of performance in the areas of interest of the Society in different institutions and bodies.

  • Cooperation with similar scientific societies inside and outside the Kingdom.

  • Contributing to raising public health awareness

  • Contribute to the development of health practitioners' skills


3. Activities of the Society:

The Society shall achieve its objectives mentioned in (2) by all appropriate means and may in particular exercise the following activities:

  • Participate in the evaluation of professional qualifications and professional performance of practitioners in the area of ​​specialization of the Society in agreement with relevant authorities

  • Contribute to the training program and continuing medical education in the field of liver disease and transplantation.

  • Encourage scientific research in the field of interest and related knowledge and disseminate the results of such research and distribution and exchange with relevant bodies.

  • Conduct conferences, symposia and seminars to discuss issues related to the areas of interest of the Society .

  • Issuing a magazine or periodical to publish research and studies related to the areas of interest of the Association.

  • Conducting scientific trips and organizing scientific and cultural competitions in their field.

  •  Issuing books and leaflets that contribute to raising health awareness in the field of the Society's competence as well as holding seminars and organization

  •  Hold lectures and seminars in this area.

  •  Issuing rules and clinical evidence in the field of liver diseases and transplantation

  • Active participation in supporting the departments of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.


4- Membership - Conditions - Procedures

Membership consists of three types


Active Membership:

Required therefor: A - The applicant must have a degree or equivalent in the area of ​​specialization of the Association

A - Pay annual contributions.

C – The conditions of Board of Directors.

D- accept the decision of the Board of Directors;


Honorary membership:

Granted under a resolution of the General Assembly to those who contributed to the development of the areas of interest of the Society or gave its financial services. The Honorary member is expedient from the payment condition: he may attend the meetings of the General Assembly and its various committees and participate in the discussions.


Enrollment Membership:

Given to:

a. University students in the field of specialization of the Association

B. Workers and concerned in the Society's field with the required qualification. The enrolled member shall be released from 50% of the annual subscription. The member may attend the meetings of General Assembly and different committees as well as discussions without the right to vote.


Membership Conditions and Procedures:

A member of the Society shall:

  • The applicant for membership of the working or affiliate membership must apply to join the association.

  • To be of good conduct. Not reputed to have been convicted of a crime against honor or customs.

  • The applicant should recommend two active members of the association.

  • Applications for active and affiliated membership shall be submitted to the Board of Directors of the Association

  • The decision of the Board of Directors shall be sent to the applicant.

  •  To pay the annual fees and registration fees decided by the association


Termination of Membership:

Membership of the Society shall terminate in the following cases:

A) Withdrawal of the member;

B) The member loses one of the conditions of membership.

C) The member is late in paying the annual subscription on his due date for one full year.

After notifying the member of the payment of the subscription and the impact of the failure to pay. The notification shall be within the last three months of indicated year

D) Carrying out any work or activity that causes material or moral harm to the Association.

In such case, it shall conduct an investigation by the Board of Directors in which the member's responsibility is established.

E. Not attending the member for three consecutive years.

In all cases referred to in this Article, membership shall not be terminated unless a decision is issued by the Board of Directors: The member shall be notified

The decision to terminate or cancel membership within two weeks of its issuance. In all cases, the previous registration fees, contributions, donations, donations, etc. shall not be refunded.


A decision of the Board of Directors may return the membership to the member who lost it at his request if the reasons for the termination of membership are removed.


5. Composition of the Board of Directors of the Association

The Society shall be administered by a Board of Directors consisting of eleven members of which nine members shall be allowed, after approval by the Executive Presidency for health commissions shall be elected by the general assembly under secret poll from the nominated members of the Society for the membership of the Board of Directors who meet the conditions of nomination in the presence of a representative of the commission. It also has the right to add two members from people of experience for the Board of Directors of the Assembly.


  • The term of membership of the Board is three years, renewable once

  • If one of the members of Board of Directors of the Board was absent in meetings four consequent times without an acceptable excuse may, the Board may consider him resigning

  • When a membership of a member of the Board of Directors selected by the General Assembly becomes vacant for some reason, the Board may choose a substitute member and requires the approval of the General Assembly at the first meeting, provided that the priority shall be given to members who have previously voted for them by the highest number of votes.

  • The Health Specialties Authority shall be notified of any amendments to the Board


6. The Board of Directors Meetings

Board of Directors shall convene an ordinary meeting on quarterly basis. Such meeting shall not be valid, unless obtained the approval of members’ majority. However, it may convene extraordinary meetings, whenever required by more than the half of members, fifth of General assembly members or Chairman of the Board. In such case, the meeting is to be limited for such subjects the Board was convened for. The Board resolutions shall be passed with the majority of the attendant votes. In case of votes equality, Chairman of the Board’s vote shall be predominant.


7. Board of Directors Specialities:

  • Proposal of Assembly balance sheet.

  • Maintenance of General Assembly agenda.

  • Proposal of Assembly general policy, in light of concluded objectives, and applying the same to General Assembly for confirmation.

  • Proposal of Assembly internal rules and organization of works thereof.

  • Composition of specialized committees and groups for performing Assembly duties and activities.

  • Preparation of the annual report of Assembly activities and referring the same to Societies Executive Council, once approved by General Assembly.

  • Identification of members’ annual subscription.

  • Authorization of preparing researches and studies.

  • Approving convention of seminars, courses and sessions, as per the relevant regulations.

  • Accepting gifts, donations, grants and aids.

  • Referring meetings minutes for health societies executive president.

  • Referring minutes of General Assembly for health societies’ executive president.

  • Board of Directors selects, with secret ballot between members, a chairman for a period of three years, to be renewed for one time, provided that, the same shall be registered at Commission for Health Specialties. Moreover, Board of Directors selects, between members, the Vice-president, council secretary and financial secretary.


8. Chairman of the Board Duties:

  • General management of the Assembly, in addition to the presidency of meetings.

  • Recognizing Board of Directors agenda.

  • Calling General Assembly for convention.

  • Signing papers, including financial commitments with financial secretary or with in-charge persons

  • Representing the Assembly in the necessary occasions and delegating either members of Board of Directors.

  • Representing the Assembly before others and for communication with official and non-official entities within the Kingdom or abroad.

  • Passing circulars and decisions out of Board of Directors and the Assembly meetings.

Assisting Chairman and carrying out duties thereof in case of its absence, with an absolute authorities.


10. Terms of nomination for Board of Direcors Presidency:

  • The candidate shall be classified and registered at the Commission, within the Assembly specialization.

  • The candidate shall be a member of the Assembly, not less than one year, with an exception of the first period.

  • The candidate shall be nominated by self or others nomination.


11. Terms of election for Board of Direcors Presidency:

  • The election shall be done by the electronic ballot, through Commission societies administration.

  • Candidates are to be announced over all communication means for the Assembly.

  • Chairman of the Board members shall have the right to vote.

  • Voter shall be an active member at the Assembly, while convening General Assembly for election of members of the Board for the following period.

  • It shall be voted, at least 50 members of the registered voters at Commission, while electing Board of Directors for the first time.

  • Assembly avails the updated communication means thereof.


12. General Assembly

General Assembly shall be composed of all active members who paid their annual subscriptions. General Assembly convenes a meeting per year. Board of Directors prepares General Assembly agenda and Chairman of the Board calls for such meeting.

General Assembly may convene extraordinary meetings, whenever required by more than the half of members, fifth of General assembly members or Chairman of the Board. In such case, the meeting is to be limited for such subjects the Board was convened for. Such meetings shall not be valid, unless attended by the majority of members.


13. General Assembly Specifications

  1. Issuing regulations for internal work flow at the Assembly.

  2. Deceleration of Assembly annual balance sheet and closing accounts per each year.

Electing Board of Directors members.

  1. Approving annual report for Assembly activities, prepared by Board of Directors.

  2. Proposal of Board of Directors dissolution and organizing new elections, under supervision of societies executive president of Commission for Health Specialties.

  3. Recognition of the annual agenda, submitted by Board of Directors.

  4. Approving opening branches of Assembly, upon Board of Directors recommendation, then, to be referred to societies executive president of Commission for Health Specialties.

  5. Discussing all matters covered in Assembly agenda, and whatever required by members, including matters of Assembly agenda or interests. In addition to taking suitable decisions therein.

  6. Selecting Honorary President for Assembly, upon Board of Directors recommendation.


14. Assembly Honorary President

Chairman of the Board may select an Honorary President for the Assembly, upon Board of Directors recommendation; provided that, it shall be approved by societies executive president of Commission for Health Specialties.


15. Assembly Resources & Balance Sheet

Assembly Resources include:

  • Members’ registration and annual subscription fees.

  • Collection of publications, letterheads and scientific productions sold by Assembly.

  •  Fees of training courses or programs, delivered by Assembly, as well as, institutes established for Assembly purposes.

  • Direct & indirect investment revenues of Assembly and members, in various investment fields, as per required by Board of Directors.

  • Gifts, donations, grants and aids provided to Assembly by the State, public or private entities or individuals, which Board of Directors decides to accept.

  • Endowment revenues.

  • Any support granted by Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.

  • Such financial resources require the approval of societies executive president of Commission for Health Specialties.

General Conditions

  • Records are to be maintained and kept at Assembly headquarter for better workflow.

  • Board of Directors refers meetings minutes to Commission Executive President, within two weeks at maximum, in case no objection was received, they shall be valid; in case of otherwise, the matter shall be settled amicably; otherwise, such matter shall be referred to  Commission Executive President and decision thereof shall be binding and final.

  • In case of any conflicts among the Assembly and any other entity, Courts in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia shall have the jurisdiction therein and the arbitration shall be held in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.